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Things have changed. Our refreshed site presents an improved reading experience, supports our goals and vision to be a new kind of community lifestyle magazine.

Along the way, and after the 2013 release of our digital magazine (which featured conscious local culture from fashion, food, art, film, people, and more), we discovered something new about our brand – and we evolved.

Announcing the Relaunch of our Local Lifestyle Magazine Website

We are pleased to announce that our newly refreshed online lifestyle magazine is now live. This latest update includes changes to the navigation, layout and structure of desktop and mobile versions. Our goals remain unchanged – the desire to seek and do something about local and global change with our main focus on local artists and talent.

The timing of Flatnote’s original migration online in 2013 (it took a short break in 2012) was due to a few factors, including the fact that you can now get information more timely online. You can also get that luxurious feeling from a Web site or digital edition of a magazine in the same way you can from that big, physical, beautiful magazine.

We hope you will enjoy our new online magazine! During your visit, we hope you learned something new, discovered something interesting and that the experience of visiting our magazine brightens your day a little. Let us know your thoughts.

Today, we just want to have a conversation with you by first introducing the topic – culture, people, music and community members that make a difference.

We believe in the local artist first and foremost, whether still undiscovered, just breaking through or on the road to success already.

Since 2010, we’ve helped people from all over Capetown and surrounds with their work. We’re 100% independent and we’re here to help artists, makers, and small brands open a store or start making a living doing what they love.

People are now looking for substance so offering value and meaning as a modern magazine was important to us, more than being an advertising delivery vehicle. We wanted to transcend the status quo. Flatnote is still free of advertising, and has no paywall, something an increasing number of magazines and newspapers are doing in response to falling advertising sales. We remain free to read online and, have no plans to add one.

We invite you to participate with us by building your story alongside ours.

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