The Forgotten Crash on Devils Peak

A Sad Day in Aviation History – 45 Years Later… It’s the time of year when the wind blows great guns in Cape Town – just on some days, though. Clouds spill down dramatically over the great Table Mountain that has been the Mother City’s signature feature for centuries.  When […]

In the Shadow of the Noose

The “Scissors Murder” The story of the youngest woman ever to have committed a murder in South Africa On the morning of 4 November 1974 Christiaan van der Linde attempted to telephone his wife a number of times and eventually became concerned when there was no reply. He spoke to […]

The Murder Of South Africa’s Former First Lady

Thirteen years after Marike De Klerk met her violent, lonely end “Luyanda, could you please come help me carry my shopping bags”, said a smiling Mrs De Klerk to the man who would become her killer. She had just returned from Checkers, and stopped at the gate to request help […]

The night gay clubbing died in Cape Town

The Club Owner and the Bouncer Today it may be hard to believe, but back in the day Cape Town’s gay clubs and bars were sought after party destinations for the rich and famous all over the world. But that all changed just before valentines day in 2012 when Cape […]

Party Monster

The unbelievably true story of Dancing, Drugs and Murder “I can’t remember every tiny little detail, because we were extremely high on drugs. I was on Special K and went into a k hole – your senses are shut off,” he said. “We were in another dimension. We felt like […]

The Honeymoon Murder

Her wedding had been a lavish affair. Her murder just two weeks later shrouded in controversy. What evidence did South Africa have that Shrien Dewani was behind Anni’s shooting? Forensic experts, and the actual evidence reveal something shocking: It veers towards an accidental discharge rather than a murder for hire. […]

Fatal Liaison

Oscar Pistorius, his girlfriends and his guns He was voted as one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people in the world. She voted by another magazine as one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world. The pair had been called South Africa’s ‘golden couple’. But the dark […]

South Africa’s Greatest Unsolved Political Crime

35 Years Later… It is an assassination that stands at odds with most apartheid-era killings – because it was a hit carried out against an up-and-coming National Party politician, apparently on the orders of “someone at the top of the Afrikaner establishment”. And unlike most other political crimes from that […]

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